Three styles more flattering than skinny jeans


Despite all the negative attention they continuously receive season after season, skinny jeans are some of the most important wardrobe pieces that a woman can own. A denim staple according to Real Simple, these type of jeans have the uncanny ability to look good with any top that you own, which is why a multitude of men and women have developed an arguably unhealthy relationship with them.

The streamlined silhouette of skinny jeans are often heavily featured in denim collections on Lyst because this fashion trend has proven that it’s still a key component in fashionistas wardrobes across the globe. But it’s no secret that the skintight essential has been overworked in the last few years, making it a good time to temporarily retire the fatigued trend and spotlight other denim washes and cuts.

We all have different tastes in jeans, with some of us feeling constricted in high waist trousers or out of date in bell bottoms. One of the trending jean styles as of late are culottes, and while we can admire them for their perseverance in their resurgence every few years or so, the wide-legged, skirt-like leg is not something that all of us would find flattering.

And for those who are experiencing difficulty in parting ways with their beloved skinny jeans, here are a few alternatives to help you with the transition:

Straight leg


Petite girls wishing they had legs for days can look to straight leg silhouettes to make them appear taller. Often confused with the bootcut, these jeans have a snug fit on your thighs but maintain the same width all the way down the leg. Although women with a fuller chest may want to opt for the bootcut style to create a balance between top and bottom.


Nicole Lyn Pesce shared on New York Daily News that boyfriend jeans are hard to pull off if you’re not particularly curvy or tall, hiding your figure rather than highlighting it. Girlfriend jeans are the answer to such denim queries, as they retain their relaxed fit without being too baggy or too skinny.


Picture1The solution to the low hip/waist ratio, mom jeans are perfect in carving out a waist and giving the illusion of an hourglass shape. But rather than wearing them the way your mother used to back in the day, give them a modern update by going down the edgy route—either wearing it with a bodysuit or a trench coat over a plunging neckline.





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