Stirrup Trousers Are Back, Hoorah!

street_style_milan_fashion_week_dolce_gabbana_missoni_ferragamo_384898283_800xOnce upon a time in the land of fashion and wonderment lived an über cool trend, the stirrup pant.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a pair of trousers with a little strap at the foot section of the garment, for (um) extra security. And was (or is) frequently worn by jockeys and those alike.

Reverting us back to the 80s sportsluxe era, of brightly coloured spandex and sweatbands to match, stirrups this year have returned to street style and reminded us of the brilliant trend.

Now, many publications, Marie Claire and Look Magazine included, have said that stirrups should stay in the era in which it originates from. But clearly, they’re misremembering the endless fun that these pants came with! I for one loved the feeling of an elastic band straddling the arch of my foot, it made me feel secure. In fact, I greatly remember wearing my leggings at the heel of my foot just so I could tuck them into my shoes, although admittedly now, a massive fashion faux pas.

Once the style was eradicated from fashion for the foreseeable future, I was heartbroken. No longer would it be acceptable for me to show the entire length of my pant, up till my shoe… until now. Donned by fashionistas Miroslava Duma and Gilda Ambrosio, stirrup trousers have had a bit of a makeover and are now frequenting the streets once again. The latest instalment of NYFW (about a million months ago), showed many break-the-rule-bloggers and general fashion savants wearing the trouser in question, and might I add, looking fabulous doing so.

Is it possible the world will soon re-accept stirrups? Will we soon all be wearing the safety-pant once again?! One can only hope.

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