Alexa Chung for AG Jeans

Just when I thought this woman couldn’t get any more awesome, she goes and produces a denim collaboration with AG Jeans. I’m not being a frantic fangirl when I say that she and I must share the same mind. I’ve been itching to get my hands on a denim dress, reminiscent of the one I wore religiously as a child. The most perfect button down dress that my mother and grandmother made sure I wore absolutely everywhere, low and behold Alexa recreates my childhood dream. Synchronised sisterhood to be honest. Needless to say, my girl crush on Chung hath reached new highs following its release. Basically if you thought Alexa couldn’t pull off just about anything, you were sadly mistaken.

Although a little pricey, sighs inwardly, I’ve been eyeing a few items that the shopaholic in me will assuredly be purchasing very soon *comforts bank account*. I’ve selected a few of my favourite pieces below; also, can we just appreciate the goddess that is Alexa Chung, just for a moment… thank you.

Naturally I gravitated toward key pieces befitting of my own wardrobe, because well sadly, we can’t all look like Alexa. My favourite items from this collection are. The Pixie Denim Mini Dress pictured first, a recreation of my childhood denim dress, needless to say, need. The New Wave Sweatshirt, a simple yet necessary addition to my floordrobe. And last but certainly not least the Kety Denim Mini Skirt, which I also happened to own as an infant. Evidently my mother knew fashion before its time.

Alexa’s obsesser, Lauren Rae

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