The Re-Up: Sporty Spice

ambfuexy8qu2c9nqacuihgzudLet us all circle back to the year 1997, where we each devoted all our energy toward a favourite Spice Girl. Within your group of 5, one always aspired to be Baby Spice – with her adorable blonde pigtails and pristine front fringe – but wore trackies to death, like that of an obvious Sporty Spice. And there was nothing wrong with that, because you’ve grown up, entered 2017 and realised that poppers are totally back in fashion.

Sure, Kim Kardashian tried to make it a thing in 2016, but much like Regina George of Mean Girls, we promptly responded,  “it’s not going to happen”, and continued on the year as normal.

Much to my amazement – because I never go shopping – while trawling the January sales, I stumbled across a garment bringing back all types of nostalgia, the ‘popper trou’. Admittedly many outlets lead us to believe that they were already ‘back in fashion’ last year, but were any of us actually going to purchase a pair? My thoughts here are no. The popper tracksuit – back then – was a sort of mating call for those brave enough to bare their calf in Physical Education. A bold fashion statement, and a matter of convenience for many actual sporting participants.

Now, that the tide has passed and our heads are clearer, a few of us (me) have had time to mull it over and frankly, we’re ready to give this ‘popper’ re-up a go. The past is unforgiving, but fashion has given us another chance to get this right and I’ll be damned if we take this lightly. Let us make Mel C proud, as we pair our tracksuit bottoms with a pair of ankle boots and wiggle our knees to nostalgic funky beats.

The challenge is yours should you choose to accept it, make Melanie proud.


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