Gaga Walks for Marc Jacobs: AW16

gaga1-largeMarc Jacobs closed, or rather shut up shop at NYFW yesterday with the mother of all shows. The show which featured lengthy coats and sky high platform-to-the-gawds heels, also debuted the daughter of pop, Lady Gaga as a model in the show. Gaga looked sensational and fit right in with the other models, despite her significantly smaller stature.

The AW16 show was highly anticipated and featured 1920’s styled curled hair, cobbled with gaunt & ghoul like makeup and a circular runway. In short, when put into fruition, the show was epic. Firstly, I’ll be amongst those who admit to needing that f&%^ng coat! I’ll also admit that I am 100% here for the celebrity cameos, all hail Gaga in Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs.


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