HELP! I’ve Been Sucked In By The Bumbag Culture

IMG_0857Once a staple only to those who lacked style and boasted an overall flare for travelling or the outdoors, bumbags were perhaps only worn as an accent to the unfashionable. An excuse to leave the house without a handheld – or even – a shoulder bag and never, (never) a statement of fashion.

However, this year I find myself having seriously bought into the theme of ugly fashions being transformed into fashionable staples. In fact so much so, that I conveniently own two to three of the items Vogue and ELLE suggest will be making a significant comeback. The bumbag in particular, which five or so years ago I’d have only worn ironically, has become the only bag I grab on my way out of the door and why? Well, in addition to designers such as Gucci and Prada redefining its style, they’re all the more accessible, (now) stylish and are incredibly practical, with every brand recreating their own version of the bag. Long gone are the days where we need hoist our bags several times over on our shoulders, all the while shuffling our many Winter layers onto the underground.

The bumbag – also known as my new staple – hugs the waist, frees up the arms for such activities as applying vaseline and or replying late to a text message and creates ‘a look’ like no other. Though the bumbag may give you frightening flashbacks of being four years of age and hiking up hills (stairs seem to have the same effect) on holiday hand in hand with your mother, it even accentuates your figure. In fact, I’ve yet to state a con of the reimagined fanny pack. If your flashbacks refuse to dissipate and you frequently find yourself flashing back to the fateful moment your mother paired your pink flat cap with your pink fanny pack, look to this ‘look’ for inspiration. Cinching the waist and perfectly completing an ensemble, I too find myself entirely unable to complete an outfit without the help of (one of) my bumbag(s).IMG_0856

To be frank, I do not wish to hold a bag when I use only a total of three items hidden deep inside it. I’m a bumbag fanatic and I feel very little shame about it. A clear favourite in my wardrobe at present, I feel no need to deny myself the comfort and comfort of the new school bumbag.

Though I adore each of my bags equally, having collected a ridiculous few over my years as goth, turned geek, turned skater girl, I find myself routinely favouring the reimagined fanny pack and consistently refer to WGSN’s article, which tells me that ugly fashions are the new ‘it’ fashions. Have I simply been sucked into the marketing ploy put out by designers and magazine outlets? Or am I just plainly glad that the eighties and nineties fashion staple has made its much needed comeback in the form of suede, leather and quilted cover styles. The latter must be so…

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