Rouge & Roshe’s

To know me, is to know that I rarely wear colour in fact I never wear colour, and dresses for that matter. My mother and I, both being as obsessed with Zara as one another, decided it was time for a mini splurge when the sale hit this Summer – although, it was hardly a splurge as this little number was only £13.

London weather has a habit of either being hot enough to burn like the fiery pits of hell or the complete opposite and rain until Noah is ready to collect us on his wooden boat – however luckily, the weather held up long enough that I was neither soaked in rain nor sweat! I was told I’d be in for a surprise so I of course wore my most comfortable shoes as more often than not ‘surprise’ means ‘we’re going to be walking for a formidable amount of time’. The trainers were courtesy of bae, who agreed to treat me to the all black Roshe’s should they ever be released again.

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Dress – Zara
Trainers – Nike on ASOS

Photography: Israel Peters

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    Reply July 20, 2015


    This is easily one of your best looks! The images are soo cool! You should wear color more!

      Reply July 20, 2015

      Lauren Rae

      Thank you! Lots more to come! 😀

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