A safe haven, comfort zone and the place in which I write – my room. Although this write up is entirely nothing to do with my room, and is far more to do with my awesome new t-shirt. The story of how I came to purchase this item goes like so, one sullen afternoon I ventured onto Amazon and purchased an item I had saved in my basket for all of 8 months. That’s right, believe it or not I’m not always an impulse buyer. Well, that and the fact that I was desperately on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. Once it arrived – thank god for Amazon Prime –  you could not pry it from my skin. My [almost] goth days came flooding back and I felt more comfortable than ever before. This tee goes with absolutely everything, so of course I would pair it with a pair of ripped MOM jeans and Spider-Man socks, before heading to the local off license. My life is full of endless excitements.

ISR_9971 ISR_9975 ISR_0041 ISR_9927

T-Shirt – Amazon
Jeans – Miss Pigeons Wardrobe

Photography: Israel Peters

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