Bohemian Rhapsody

I’ll admit that I live for a fedora, the ultimate ‘bad hair day’ saver and a great way to pretend to be stylish – needless to say I am now the owner of three. The jist of this here ‘fit was comfort in a nutshell. As someone who used to kill her feet in uncomfortably pretty shoes and kill her thighs in insanely tight jeans – I’ll admit that comfort wins the overall battle. The minute I purchased this jumpsuit, I knew I would live in it and nothing else; I also knew that tight jeans would never again be in the forefront of my mind.

I swiped a bargain with these shoes whilst browsing the websites of my favourite online stores, I stumbled across a pair of shoes I had previously seen plastered all over my newsfeed. Obviously, I took this as a sign and so clutching my last £20, clicked the three words that make my uterus quiver ‘add to basket‘.

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Top & Dungarees
– Mango
La Moda

Photography: Israel Peters

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