Bitch Stole Her Look

C3H8kD3WgAAY7nUAnyone else notice the passing resemblance to  a certain someone in Bella Hadid’s ‘chain mail’ ensemble? Just where did the youngest Hadid sister seek inspiration for her birthday outfit I wonder. If like me, you’re still hopelessly stuck on noughties fashions, it’s likely that you immediately thought of the Spice Girls final song and music video ‘Goodbye’. Now, I’m just spitballing here, but I’m almost certain Bella was paying homage to the great Scary Spice, also known as Mel B.

Think back, to one of the saddest days in your childhood. The day when four out of the five Spice Girls came together to break our hearts for the final time, when they released the imitable track ‘Goodbye’. Are you in your feels yet? The foursome play acted in beautiful silver and white garments, set in a frozen mansion amongst shards of ice, sparkles and frozen humans, who later de-ice throughout the duration of the video. I’m almost certain you all remember now.

Arriving in separate vehicles and letting us know that this was the final time they’d be together musically, Melanie B’s outfit in particular was something of a phenomenon. She wore an asymmetric silver chainmail top and matching skirt, over a pair of grey trousers, with a matching silver hat and to top it all off, a grey/white coat. Needless to say all looks from here on out would be in honour of this iconic, albeit slightly askew video. Bella, of course having rewatched the video – and several others on repeat – clearly sought inspiration and decided to pay homage to this spectacular ensemble. Quit playing Bella, just admit you were channelling our dear Melanie B.


For all the feels, re-watch it in its entirety.

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