Berets: I’m Officially a Cliche

tumblr_nt139wjrX91ral8aao1_500My life has become a cliche of berets and mirror selfies. ‘What does that mean’ I hear you question, well, it means that this Winter it’s become increasingly hard for me to leave the house without the warmth of my woollen, Parisian style headwear.

Much like the Spice Girls, when they returned to our screens with ‘Holler’, Instagram tells me that berets have made a similarly iconic comeback. Because of course Instagram is our fortune teller of what’s in and when… kind of. Donned by ex Sunday Times Style editor Pandora Sykes, Entrepreneur Alexa Chung and Founder of Manrepeller Leandra Medine to name a few, we’ve pretty much been given the go-ahead to purchase a new hat and or dig up our old one. Although admittedly, I’ve been rocking my own mercilessly for the past few months, so as to say I was on trend before the trend.

On the one hand, Manrepeller tells me it’s pretty wanky to wear the hat in question and in doing so, I immediately become a veritable cliche of ‘Manrepeller Don’ts’. However, with it’s practicality and warmth, berets are incredibly hard to resist and also turns us mere mortals with a basic understanding of fashion, into somewhat stylish individuals within seconds. Looking back – to the 90s in particular – it’s pretty easy to see why they were so fashionable and more importantly, why they’ve returned to keep our heads cosy once again. What with Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice and Alicia Silverstone in Clueless each sporting the oversized beret, it seems almost criminal to have let the style dissipate. The fact is, berets have the power to complete a plethora of outfits and instantly transforms the unwitting in fashion, into  the height of Parisian chic.

It’s times like this where we must continue to be thankful for reoccurring styles and in particular, for this Winter’s greatest trend. My word of advice to the public, is to throw nothing away not even if the item attracts holes in the long run, because one day (soon), your raggedy old garment will be ready once again for the runways and your trusted tailor is all but a phone call away.

Needless to say, I’m into it.


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