12 Things I’d Do if I Were Adriana Lima

Adriana-Lima-Victoria-Secret-Fashion-Show-2016-PicturesWith the close of Victoria Secret’s eagerly awaited fashion show just days ago, I’m sort of at a lull.

Admittedly I’ve spent the past few days mulling over my terrible and equally awkward walk, all the while studying these frankly, incredible models. As you may know (you definitely know), a little over 50 models strutted the glittery runway in Paris, but I needn’t bore you with those details. I mean you’ve already watched the videos a hundred times over – and I too. Throughout the entirety of the show, I was forced to scream ‘seriously how are you doing that in 7 inch heels?!?’ over and over in envy.

Even GaGa, and to be fair, Bruno Mars donned heeled footwear, jiving and dancing throughout their performances without a single hiccup. But as I’ve mentioned before, I can only trip in heels which takes real talent. Sure, my walk will never be to the that of Elsa Hosk’s or even remotely like Adriana Lima’s, but I can always dream what it’d be like to be the Brazilian Goddess.

So, let’s talk Adriana. As with every year, the VS star of 16 years stole my attention and several hours of my life. The images are firmly imprinted in my memory. Now perhaps, I’ve given this too much thought – well no, I really have – but I started to think, ‘hey, what if by some odd (miracle) chance, I switched bodies with Adriana Lima. Like we totally Freaky Fridayed’. So with that said, I give you 12 things I’d do if ever this were to happen to me.

  1. Save the world with one smile
  2. Skimp on parking tickets by fluttering my angel wings and flying away
  3. Play music out loud and strut as I walk into my local Tesco
  4. Wear heels till my feet bleed so’s to intimidate my fellow man
  5. Create an Instagram page for each of my body parts, toe by toe
  6. Stock up on passport photos, the booth is just another photo shoot with Mario Testino
  7. Create a Facebook page called ‘I’m Adriana Lima, a Goddess, deal with it biitche$zz’
  8. Sprinkle glitter on all the floors in my house because y’know, VS
  9. Say ‘you’re welcome world’ every time I left a room
  10. Hang photos of myself around the house in several different thigh high boots
  11. Wear lingerie to work
  12. Put cameras in the mirrors of my house and create a music video similar to that of J Lo – If You Had My Love

You’re welcome world.

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