Travel Diaries: Roma, Italy

Spending some time abroad with your beloved in a city known for its great food, wine and romance – is just perfect. My partner and I decided to venture to the city of Rome, to commemorate one whole year of tolerating one another. Though of course I’m kidding, as we spent the duration of our trip celebrating the success of our budding year long relationship. This was my first ever anniversary with anyone, so I felt it doubly special.

True, it rained exactly two hours after our arrival, and true we paid thrice the price for an umbrella from a homeless man, who conveniently knew the time and place to be when the rain hit, but we happily sipped our red wine and toasted to us just because. I can honestly say with my entire chest that Rome has the best food I have ever tasted. Now, it’s likely that you’re thinking “okay there was great food, so where are the photos?” but that’s just it, the food was so good, there was no time for pretty images, for fear of your food getting cold. Rome isn’t one of those cities you visit just once, no no. The second you leave, you know you’ll be back soon and it’s true, you’ve been bitten by the Rome bug.

Vatican City, it’s own city with it’s own currency. VC is a completely different world, the architecture is incredible and the queues.. well they’re pretty long. Though I would suggest bringing your own drinks or buying them while in Rome, as Vatican City is pretty pricey for its beverages. Yes I paid close to six euros for one drink, no I wasn’t happy about it. If unlike me you’re not asthmatic, I would recommend climbing to the top of the chapel to see the most incredible view of the entire city. Admittedly it’s breathtaking in two ways, the first being that you’ve got to climb at least 30,000 steps to get there, and then second is the actual view making all the chest pains and heavy breathing worth it.


The streets of Roma are cobbled, old and beautiful, walking through Rome feels like entering a time warp. Everything looks and feels as I imagine it would 100 years ago, it’s pretty surreal even in the rain. It’s also quite difficult not to get lost in the beauty of this town when simply looking up and seeing the tops of building. The remanence of a true Italian  aesthetic.

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And although you’re not supposed to take photos in the Sisteen Chapel, my partner disobeyed said rules..


Photography: Israel Peters

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