Travel Diaries: Berlin

Having spent a mere three days in this dream city, I would highly recommend Berlin as a travel destination for these reasons five. Prior to this visit I was told that Berlin was rather dingy, the people were rude and that the city was fairly dire – but I’m glad I can say that Berlin is nothing of the sort. The people were incredibly accommodating, the city itself, beautiful and all in all an incredibly edgy place to spend my birth weekend. Let me break it down for you..

The Berlin Cold

As a January baby I embrace the winter breeze, and welcome layers. I’ll admit I was a tad upset when I arrived in Berlin and there was little snow. After all, I’d been researching the weather for weeks and heavy snowfall was predicted for my stay. However as if by magic the snow eventually fell on my birth night – our second evening in Berlin – it wasn’t an irritation or a hazard like London snow. No no, it was like a fairy tale and the perfect end to a perfect day. Not to mention the weather was about 20% warmer when snowing.

ISR_1878 ISR_1857 ISR_1745

The People

Friendly, helpful and wildly efficient. As a group of lost Londoners the people of Berlin were incredibly accommodating to our lack of German vernacular. They were kind, smiley and made the trip so much more fun, not to mention that much easier to navigate through.


The Views

The incredible views that Berlin had to offer made up for the immense finger-freezing cold, the group and I were constantly left open mouthed at the array of beautiful architecture. Sundays are silent, the streets are empty and the stores closed. My group of friends and I were able to fully explore the streets and building structures without looking like pesky tourists.

ISR_1545 ISR_1453 ISR_1611ISR_1825

The Apartment

I’m still not entirely sure how I managed to swing this one, we walked into a grand apartment fit for six kings and looked on in awe. A room for each of us, high ceilings and incredibly trendy furniture, the perfect heauxm to spend your birthday in I’d say. Not to mention we had a balcony (again) and were about a millisecond from the underground station!

The Transportation

Travelling throughout Berlin on a 7,60 euro pass was incredible, not to mention efficient and inexpensive! It almost puts the London underground system to shame to. Every train was on time, and even when transportation was packed it wasn’t nearly as packed as the London underground. With the help of Berlin’s underground my group of friends and I were able to really explore all that the city had to offer.

ISR_0978 ISR_1053 ISR_1736

Photography: Israel Peters

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