Why I Stan Tracee Elliss Boss & Her Self-Care Practices


Self-care queen. Social media queen. I stan thee.

My philosophy in life as of late has been, ‘put your fucking self first’. A lesson learned in possibly the HARSHEST manner in 2018, but a lesson nonetheless. To put it frankly, 2018 chewed me up, spat me out and made me its bitch from May until now. I spent an entire year in mourning because lol, I was hurting and no matter what anyone did to console me, I could not get out of the constant funk I was stuck in.

But with new opportunities on the horizon and a new year in plain sight, I can only speak positively of the future to come. Much like the clouded judgement you acquire when stepping out to date someone new, I’m filled with great excitement at the year ahead and all of its potential. To misquote the child in Love Actually:


Which brings us to Tracee Ellis Boss whose daily reminders of self-worth and self-care sit just right with me. As a woman in her prime, I’m reminded rather frequently via Tracee’s feed that you should always put your health, sass and ass before anyone else’s. Though of course, these enlightenments came to me via an app I steered clear of for a large portion of the year, the sentiment still stands. Carefree with her style choices, hairstyles and a great love of her immediate family, I couldn’t stan any harder than I already do.

Like many of us, one process of her self-care is to take breaks from social platforms. With the rationale that if she’s using social media before her routine of prayer and meditation, then her priorities must be out of sorts. But more than that, her idea of taking care of yourself isn’t simply to spoil yourself, though this is usually my first port of call. Instead, it’s being kind to yourself, learning new practices, indulging in the foods you love and making decisions with your own feelings in mind. An important tool for those of us learning to love our idiosyncrasies.

I love potato chips more than anything in the world, and so I work out hard. I put masks on my face. I take care of myself. And, by the way, to me self-care does not mean going to the spa. It’s learning to say no. It’s knowing yourself so you can make choices that are an expression of you. That’s self-care.” – Tracee Ellis Ross

It’s almost routine to round up the end of a year with an ‘end of year review’, and rightly so, because we need to reflect on the few achievements that made the year even remotely bearable. While I started my year out an anxious scaredy cat, I did have one or two achievements and instead of continuing to dwell on my year and its many pitfalls. I thought I’d take the time out to go through the awesome highlights that I was graced with in 2018. So uh, here we go…

That time I wasn’t a model for Refinery 29 UK:


That time I was backstage for Childish Gambino’s set at Lovebox:

That time I interviewed one of my favourite Graphic Designers/Instagrammers of all time:


That time that I not only went back home, but also successfully executed my first costume (ever) at Cropover:

That time I shot a campaign with Seven Feet Apart and did an albeit slightly cringe, Instagram takeover:


That time I began creating my own memes because self-deprecating humour was my dish:



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