The Games We Play


Games games games, as if relationships didn’t already come with a handful of great difficulty. A close male friend of mine mentioned that boys have a guy codewhen it comes to texting girls and relations in general. Geared up on a song selection of System of a Down – Aerials, followed by a number of Slipknot numbers, I felt it best to open up the floor and ask the men of the world for their take on this statement:
“The code is, and this may vary from penis to penis, however long she takes to respond, double it. OR just take a long time to reply to each text to make her overthink and doubt how much you really like her. It’s amazing that 1) it works and 2) how easy it is”.
Oh, well then. That makes things a lot easier on those of us who suffer from lifelong periods, child birth and periods. I said periods twice because men, if you had them you would complain too. At our age, it seems almost trivial to play games with one another. As someone dangerously upfront and this probably contributes to my singleness, I think it’s really stupid to play games with people. Sure I’ve been guilty of waiting for someone to text me first, but in general I think it’s all a bit silly. Wouldn’t you agree that things would be so much simpler if someone said: “Mate, not interested”, it would literally cut the stress in half and in most cases cut the heartbreak entirely.
In the first instance when I was told of this trick played by penises worldwide, my first thought was “oh please, give over” until I looked into my dating history and realised that I was actually a statistic. I wouldn’t invite all of you to relive your pasts as it’s a little embarrassing to think of how much of an idiot you acted for someone who I guarantee wasn’t even worth a pack of skittles. Seriously, don’t even do it.

I’m still at a loss as to when liking people became so complicated. I miss the days of fancying someone who had no idea I existed, those days were the best days. I would destroy my schoolbooks with his surname and my forename combined, often dying a little inside when he smiled in my direction.
If you’re anything like me, a drama queen you’ll regularly delete the guy you fancy’s number to avoid contact with him entirely. Which I guess is a game in itself, or protection from any further like, we’ll go with the latter. At 21, but mentally 36, I feel like a lot of things could be avoided by simply saying what’s on your mind when it’s on your mind. This is probably why I spend many of my days online writing about it. What most men fail to realise, is that most women wouldn’t be naggy/clingy or in your face all the time if you would just let them know what your deal is. In fact, the reason many girls become all of the above (trying really hard not be generic here) is because you won’t let them know where they stand.
I think I’ve rambled enough, but I would really love to hear your thoughts on the matter, to all those in their 20’s do you feel that it’s harder to be upfront and say what’s on your mind?
Lauren Rae

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    Reply January 3, 2015

    Lovely Dark Flavor

    I just discover your blog and i love your post. They are very interesting. About games, this was the topic i was discussin with à friend and we kept saying “transparency”. It s so simple but so hard to get nowadays. That s why i m also single Ahahah I just turned 21 but i have no interest in wasting time in games. You are right about the “About me” page! (Even tho i have one). Reading à few post and it s a better way to get to know à blogger. Marie

    Reply January 7, 2015


    I’m 22 and I’ve certainly cottoned onto this crap where men take extra long to reply. I sometimes counter it by being slightly more curt in my responses and forcing them to engage in more conversation with me to understand me and get to know me better. I find that during the dating stage, I am constantly playing a game of chess…

    Reply May 7, 2015


    I think I would reread this post a couple times. Great information!

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