Miserable from Birth

enhanced-25912-1410197045-2‘Fix your face’ a term regularly affirmed at my younger self ‘if the wind changes it’ll stick that way’. Clearly not a phrasing I feared, as till this day I still unwittingly wear my emotions on my face. Content, displeased or disappointed – I wear them all.

More recently, I’ve been told that people can decipher when I’m not best pleased, well great. There I was foolishly thinking I’d fooled the world into believing I was somewhat enjoying the day, all the while being miserable inside. My farse plan of being ever displeased in secret shattered, right there right then. If I had a penny for the number of times I’ve heard “you were rather intimidating when I first met you” I’d have shares in Google and my own bouncy castle home.

rihanna-edunAlthough I understand my resting face is somewhat ‘bitch’, I’m doing my very best to change this. By simply listening to Rihanna in order to keep momentum up, regular cups of tea to keep that “ahhhhhh” feeling going and of course, thoughts of all the cheese I’d consume if I weren’t hideously lactose intolerant.

I can’t quite explain why it is that I’m always resting bitch face, perhaps life has handed me the short straw once too often, maybe it’s just too darn comfortable or perhaps the wind really did alter my appearance – after all London is a very windy city. But I’ll have you know that smiling gives you wrinkles, so I’ll save those for the days that really matter. Not to mention that an off guard ‘bitchface’ makes for a far better photo than a laughing like a seahorse face.

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