I’m Not Here for It

With the New Year thrust upon us I thought it a good idea to address some of things I’m not quite here for over the forthcoming months, and it also just so happens to be my new favourite phrase so you could call this a lucky coincidence. The phrase, which I recently found out was coined by the queen herself Miss Naomi Campbell, indicates that you’re uninterested in something an individual says or does. As I find myself regularly disinterested in what individuals have to say, it has politely written its way into my vocabulary and has also been a necessary replacement for whichever (what now seems irrelevant) phrase I was using beforehand. We thank the Campbell Gods, amen.

Things I’m not here for:


I’ve addressed this in a previous post, nothing irks me more than people who don’t yet have their own identity, use the new year to find one! Goodness.

Dairy Products:

I recently found out that I’m fond of cheese and milk but it isn’t too fond of me, so buh-bye sweet cheesus.


Individuals who put off things such as holidays, events etc. Just no, I want to go now.

Nutty Men:

It’s no secret that my 2014 was filled to the brim with absolute nutters, many of which I’m to blame for but that’s neither here nor there, not here for it guys, not here for it at all.


I’ll just assume you’re a bad friend if you continue to tell me that I shouldn’t buy those shoes, that bag and the gloves to match. Sell my clothes?! How dare you swear at me.


Miss me with that negativity yo.

The ‘you’ve changed’ clan:

Why yes I have, thanks for noticing. People who transition from University to full time work tend not to stay entirely the same, because we’re f%^*ng tired!


I’m talking about those female friends who suggest a girls night out solely to leave you and make out with Steve, Darren and Henry. No, just no.

Face Guys/Girls:

Oh come on, you know the type. They have nothing to offer but a pretty face and a stale personality. Oh your Instagram page is 200 photos of you pouting with the caption “got bored, hehe”, yeah no, it’s not for me.

and last but not least..


Yes I still sleep in Marvel sheets, giggle at the word ‘willy’ and pretend my cuddly toys are friends. No that doesn’t make me childish, it means I’m young spirited. I’m also not a ‘bitch’, I’m just uh.. a little more to take on than most humans.

Thank you and Nene Leakes will escort you out: anigif_enhanced-buzz-13464-1355427259-1

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