Birthdays in Berlin

Ah birthdays, you may remember me complaining of how much I dislike my own birthday exactly a year ago. I waffled on about the importance of getting away from it all and spending that ‘day’ in another country. Well this year, I did exactly that… again. I schlepped five of my closest friends to one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited, Berlin. Not only was I taken aback by the cities great food, activities and of course scenery but also all of my friends grave generosity.

As some of you December or January babies may know, no one really cares for your birthday so close to the Christmas period. In fact, everyone is always either on an alcohol ban, too broke to celebrate or starting some sort of fancy new diet – snooze. My point is, I’ve never really felt the birthday love and so when given the pass to travel, I proudly took it.


Having friends, and a boyfriend who go all out to make you feel – like really feel  – that your day is your day, is so special. I woke up on the 16th of January to hundreds of white balloons, the smell of freshly cooked brekkie and a table full of cards and gifts, in addition to being in another country. And although I didn’t – because I’m a badass – I very nearly cried. In short, the love felt in that room was intense.

Jumper & Trousers – Zara

Necklace – ALDO

Photography: Israel Peters

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