52 Pages of Kendall

1458786530626Kendall Jenner covers Vogue America with a 52 page special, proving that social media popularity, is far more valuable than talent in the industry.

Evidently I’m struggling a great deal to come to terms with this spread. Firstly, I find it hard to believe that someone so new to the industry, is capable of acquiring such grand recognition from a publication like Vogue. Let’s be honest, nepotism is alive and kicking, I can hear its heartbeat. Secondly, I don’t believe that Kendall is the best of the model newcomers, she just so happens to be the most famous, which lest we forget is due to her also famous family. I’d expect a spread similar to this one, to be done with of the likes of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, or even Cindy Crawford given the longevity and strength of their careers – but in comparison, who even is Kendall?

Personally, I don’t yet feel that she’s experienced the ‘model struggle’, which as I know it consists of gruelling auditions, traipsing through the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan for casting calls and regularly being turned down for shows due to designers having met their quota – troubled times but all adding the success story of becoming a model and dare I say it, even a supermodel. Fair to say, she’s the ‘it’ girl of right now, but as was Cara Delevigne, and as was Alice Dellal – none of whom ever acquired an entire spread in acclaimed fashion “bible” Vogue.

My reaction to the FIFTY-TWO page spread is evident, I remain in shock horror. The cover is unlike Vogue, and instead is far more reminiscent of a Seventeen Magazine spread. And although I’d long given up on the publication following the Kimye spread – that’s not to say they didn’t win me back with their Rihanna/Adele covers – the fact is, I remain unimpressed with this particular spread.

The well-esteemed Paris Fashion Week, where couture originates and the main fashion houses live, Jenner also seemed to be a massive part of. Having attended PFW this year, I was stunned at the number of shows Jenner appeared in, granted a fair amount of newcomers featured too – which I think is great – but 90% of the news surrounding fashion week, focused on Kendall, whose walk is dire and frankly, is a fairly boring model. Astonishing really.

To conclude, I’m dumbfounded, bored and frankly curious as to when the Kendall train will come to a halt. This issue of Vogue only further sets precedent that to be successful, all you need is a mere 64 million followers and by that logic, most models are doomed.

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  • Ireneiredia25@hotmail.com'
    Reply March 24, 2016


    THANK YOU! Thank you for this. I agree with it all. I’m extremely unimpressed with vogue, to say the least.

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