Interview: Leomie Anderson

It is seemingly obvious that models are new on the celebrity A-list, alongside that of movie stars and singers. With models like Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner taking center stage, we can’t help but notice the digital age creating a greater platform for these budding young models. With social networks acquiring millions of users every day, models and supermodels alike receive celebrity-like attention online, particularly on Instagram. mentions that social media has a powerful presence, Cara Delevigne who won the Social Media Star award this year, proves that tweets and Instagram posts add up to a powerful social media presence.

Leomie Anderson, whose career began seven short years ago, has become an it girl in the modeling industry, an acclaimed name to say the least. Having most recently campaigned for Kanye West’s Adidas collaboration and repeatedly stunning us with her Moschino looks, she is surely the model to watch.

Leomie originally from London, has been modeling since the tender age of 14, where she was discovered at a bus stop on her way home from school. Weary of strangers, Leomie ignored the agencies first attempt to recruit her onto their team. It wasn’t until a few short months later, when she was approached again by the same agency, that Leomie took them up on their offer. She has now been with Premier Model Management for seven years.

The five foot ten model admits that her social media fanbase has given her a platform in which to build her brand – Cracked China Cup. Leomie’s unique blog consists of fashion posts, nail tips, and a behind the scenes look at the modeling world we so desire to be a part of. When asked why the name ‘Cracked China Cup’, Leomie explained that she liked the idea of the cup – being her, spilling her life and interests to her readers. This is true of her blog content, as she provides readers with insight into what it’s like to be a model, and regularly uses her position in the public eye to interview with other celebrities.

The model of five national agencies, agrees that social media has helped to get word out about her personal blog and elevate her online presence. Anderson now has over 18,000 followers on Instagram and a growing population of fans, she says: 

“I’m always a harping on about the importance of branding yourself and taking advantage of social media as a free platform to do so! I’ve definitely been able to raise my profile through my blog and social media and in my industry follower count is a currency.”

Leomie describes her personality as banterous, big and brave. Traits noticeable from her daily Instagram uploads, she says “I’m always down to try new things and have a laugh along the way”. With brighter and broader things on her horizon, Leomie made the big decision to move to New York City recently, the dream for most of us – and says that her move was primarily down to the availability of work, in comparison with the UK. She describes living in the Big Apple as interesting but lacking of the spark and magic of London, according to Anderson, Americans ‘just don’t get it’ when it comes to tea.

Anderson describes a typical day of castings as ‘hell’ explaining that it’s at its worst during fashion week, which I can well imagine as some of the biggest names in fashion compete for the best of the best. Casting is often described as a jungle, survival of the fittest if you will, the models edition. She explains that models are forced to run all over town in order to get to castings, leaving barely any time to eat – which is a hell in itself.

Leomie also mentions that her most famous phone contact is Jourdan Dunn, although I’ve yet to probe her for a way in. This model for one proves that social media helps to connect models and the A-list.

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