Interview: Cornelius Walker

Cornelius Walker is a 23-year-old filmmaker who first discovered his love of writing for the screen whilst living in Canada. Aged just 19, Cornelius was inspired by a film presented to his English class entitled ‘Into The Wild’, written and directed by Sean Penn. It was there that Cornelius says he found his passion, “the cinematography mesmerised me, the dialogue touched my soul and in that moment, all I knew is that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.”

His love of film only grew from there, Cornelius says that he visited his local bookstore everyday for a week. Whilst at this bookstore, he studied the pages of a book he couldn’t yet afford titled, ‘The Foundations of Screenwriting’, he then made it his mission to take notes and leave knowing everything there was to know about writing scripts. “I started reading scripts everyday, I’ve read about sixty film scripts. As much as I didn’t want to go Canada, that is where I discovered my love of film and for that, Canada will always have a special place in my heart.”

The aspiring filmmaker mentioned that he gains inspiration from life experiences, be that friendships, past relationships or his childhood. Growing up in Essex, Cornelius was exposed to a variety of people who helped to influence the way he now writes.

Although he has created a number of short films, including ‘10 Stops Away’, which featured on SBTV in January; Cornelius says his favourite film to create was ‘Nobody Else’, which tells a tale of the cross between love and insanity. The 18-minute film was a personal piece for Cornelius, who allowed himself to be vulnerable in the writing process. He says that it’s his favourite piece to date because he feels that anyone can relate to a broken heart and “vulnerability creates relatable art”.

‘Nobody Else’ was debuted at BloTV’s monthly Screened Nights event. The film received a grand reception of screams and claps, to which Cornelius says, “receiving such a great response was a humbling experience, sometimes as a creative you just need a sign to know you’re doing something right. Thanks to BloTV and the audience response, that was my sign.”

Walker says he can now confidently continue on in his journey as a filmmaker following the many positive responses and wants to thanks everyone who has shown him support thus far.

When asked ‘What are your plans for the future’ a question that many of us leave unanswered, Cornelius says that there is no use making plans for the future as they never go in the direction you set them. Instead he sets goals for himself and his goal is simply to continue improving, as he wants to be held in the same regard as Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and David O Russell in the near future.

“My ultimate goal is to continue to tell stories that make people feel something, anything! I really believe life is a feeling process and I only hope that I always make people feel something when they watch a film that I’ve created.”

Watch ‘Nobody Else’ below:

Nobody Else from YOCF on Vimeo.

Photography: Israel Peters and Paul Akinrinlola

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