What ever happened to the artists we under-18 raved to?

NJNFe3CRemember attending an Under-18 rave and feeling like the world was your oyster, downing the free sprite or coca-cola and feeling like you were invincible, untouchable even! Well, of course until your mum had to pick you up at 11pm on the dot.

Sure we danced the nights away in our totally un-cute dolly shoes and whipped our waists with boys who hadn’t yet hit puberty, but goodness wasn’t the night exhilarating. Though I’d love to spew on about a relentless childhood of misbehaving in a nightclub filled with school kids, I’m more interested in the artists we used to ‘get crunk’ to. I mean think about it, whatever happened to the Lil Jon’s of the world? Despite the vast majority of my generation, I’d still quite like to point to the windows and later at the wall, instead of dabbing until both my neck and my arm ache.

I sit here, softly nodding my head to ‘The Dream – Shawty Is A 10’ with so many unanswered questions, so many thoughts and so many sober-yet-over-caffienated memories. But how did you get to this thought process I hear you ask, well I stumbled onto YouTube. Normal, I mean how else does one procrastinate? This particular peruse however, sparked my interest in the lives of those I was once obsessed with. I’m talking the T-Pain’s, the Yung Joc’s, the Ying Yang Twin’s of the world. Where are you all? And what of your video vixens, are they all in sustainable careers? Your faces featured in every music video this side of the millennium, but where are you now? My guess is not in a multimillion dollar dome hiding from the secret society.


You see, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about where all of these individuals disappeared to. From weekly releases, shaking my young behind to their music in Oceana and frequently Liquid, to zilch – I’m at a loss. Each Friday – I definitely sewed my oats early – I’d gather all my excitement in the hopes that the hip-n-happenin’ DJ would play yet another new T-Pain track – and he always did. But growing up and out of the incredibly awkward teen phase, all of that music sort of disappeared. Gone are the days of ‘Buy You A Drank’, video vixens and all.

My theory is, they’re all either unemployed, hosting as nightclub eye-candy or “modelling” – and that’s just the vixens. The rappers however, I’ve not a clue, perhaps we’re to expect a reunion or a collaboration CD come 2017 brought you by the old ‘get crunk’ crew. I mean we can only hope.

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  • laurenroshan@bennington.edu'
    Reply July 26, 2016

    Lauren Roshan

    Well, at least Kyla is on a Drake track. 🙂

    • hello@laurenrae.co.uk'
      Reply July 28, 2016

      Lauren Rae

      Of course, I almost completely forgot about Funkyhouse and it’s reign on our unadulterated fun!

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